Slanghoek Producer of the Year 2015


The award is allocated each year to the producer making the highest overall contribution to the cellar and the local community. The honor is awarded to a farming unit rather than an individual, with the owner of the farm allocating the incentives which include a medal of excellence, sponsored by Mr. Stephan Naudé, as well as a cash prize, sponsored by Bergrivier Besproeiing.

The evaluation criteria for the competition include the quality of products delivered to the cellar by the producer, the level of product compliance with market requirements, producer’s contribution to cellar activities, producer’s contribution to biodiversity and IPW, social and ethical practices, as well as the producer’s contribution and commitment to the development of the Slanghoek region and brand as a whole.

The award was initiated by Slanghoek Cellar to encourage involvement, but also instill a sense of pride in member producers, and to promote achievement of overall optimal quality.

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